Activity description


1, the final interpretation of all activities in our shop belongs to Shenzhen Mayor Lin Household products Co., Ltd.


2. Active products should not be superimposed with other coupons and activity discount coupons.


Note: at present, our full rebate policy is 10000 rebates,5000rebatesand 3000 rebates (valid during the event).


3. during the daily business period, new and old customers can choose the corresponding coupons or discount coupons according to their own needs to offset the consumption amount. Discount at the time of payment: newlyweds exclusive / member discount / full rebate accrued rebate.


4. For customers who enter the store for the first time, we provide inquiry coupons and special coupons for new customers to use


5. at the end of each month, we will launch month-end sprint discount activities at the end of each month. Cumulative rebate (open to members only):