DN-817 Cloud Sea Air humidifier is a multi-function air humidifier which integrates the functions of air humidification, incense diffusion, music playing, lighting, etc. This humidifier has designed the cloud and sea fog effect on the basis of the original conventional spray. On the premise of not wet table to take you into the cloud-filled elegant atmosphere. Suitable for hotel, corporate reception room, office, bar, gym and other high-end places to humidify air and regulate the atmosphere.


Product Advantage


1. mist+cloud sea spray model

2. 7colr changing LED light

3. remote control

4. Lack of water and power-off protection

5. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic pp material 

6. Timing and intermittent spray

Product category

aromatherapy machine
Ultrasonic aroma diffuser
Ultrasonic Air Humidifier
Voice music diffuser   USB Aroma Diffuser